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Displayport to HDMI FEMALE Cable

Displayport to HDMI FEMALE Cable

Displayport to HDMI FEMALE Cable 1. 20 Pins DisplayPort Input. 2. Support DisplayPort V1.1a. 3. Support up to QXGA (2560X1600) Resolution. 4. Support 1Mbps Bidirectional Auxiliary Channel. 5. Support One-way, Single-channel, Four-wire Connection. 6. Built-in Converter Chip, No External Power...

Detailed description

Displayport to HDMI FEMALE Cable

Name: DP to HDMI cable; DisplayPort to HDMI cable

Length: can be customized

Wire: tin-plated oxygen-free copper gold-plated plug

Chip: Using a high-performance conversion chip to convert DP signals into HDMI signals

Features: DisplayPort (male) with hook design; HDMI (male)

Uses: Suitable for audio and video signal transmission between a computer with a DP interface and a TV or projector with an HDMI interface.

Convenient: lossless signal, plug and play, no external power supply is required to work properly

Effect: HD 1080P, realistic picture quality, clear and delicate, good effect

Scope of use: family, study, living room, bedroom, office, business, conference, education, entertainment, etc.

Product advantages: realistic picture quality, plug and play, easy to use

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