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HDMI Female to DVI(24+5)female Adaptor

HDMI Female to DVI(24+5)female Adaptor

HDMI female to DVI(24+5)female adaptor 1. HDMI adapter 2.Color: Black 4.High quality material for best contact connection between HDMI and VGA equipment. 5.Supports multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound. 6.Supports 5 Gbps of combined video and audio signal transfer 7.Easy way...

Detailed description

HDMI female to DVI(24+5)female adaptor

DVI (DVI-HDTV), mainly used for connection transmission speed up to about 8GBPS (165MHZ x 24bit x 2), suitable for transmitting uncompressed, high-definition video signals; HDMI's maximum transmission speed is 3.95GBPS, supporting HDTV signal high definition Uncompressed transmission of images, 8-channel 96KHZ or 192KHZ digital audio with 1 channel, providing the best high-frequency response, experience ultra-high-resolution digital video and multi-channel digital surround audio.

* Wire twisted pair impedance matching process to minimize signal crossover and ensure error-free transmission;

*DVI supports up to QXGA (2048x1536) format;

* Resolution supports 1600*1200 or above, double connection bandwidth

* PVC insulation, abrasion resistance and flexibility;

* Strong shielding completely isolates external signal interference;

* The plug is gold plated and can be protected by a dust cover. It is plug and play and the signal transmission is stable. Suitable for HDMI, DVI interface computers, projectors, etc.

* Elastic PVC jacket, machine pressing, one-piece molding, durable Plastic + alloy + copper material, copper insert, inner film, copper foil, outer film, to ensure that the transmission effect will not be disturbed and attenuated due to the adapter head.


Connection between computers, digital TV, plasma, LCD TV, projectors, etc.

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