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HDMI-HDMI Slim Cable Red Color

HDMI-HDMI Slim Cable Red Color

HDMI-HDMI Slim Cable Red Color FEATURES: (1) A premium quality 1.4V HDMI to HDMI cable that is suitable for use in HDTV, home theater, DVD player, projector, PS3, and other HDMI devices (2) 24k gold-plated HDMI connector resists corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for maximum signal...

Detailed description

HDMI-HDMI Slim Cable Red Color


* Plug gold-plated dust cover protection, plug and play, stable signal transmission

*The cable is made of high-purity copper core, precision stranded wire structure

* Wire twisted pair impedance matching process to minimize signal crosstalk and ensure signal-free transmission

* Modular stress relief structure to prevent cable bending damage, easy to move, durable

*Signal twisted pair is made of 125% special shielded aluminum foil and the outer layer is made of high density tinned braided copper wire shield


All devices with HDMI interface can be connected by HDMI cable, such as: DVD player connected to HDTV, projector HD player, computer with HDMI interface to connect HDTV, projector PS3 game console to connect HDTV, projector


(1) 2× HDMI 19PIN, male connectors, version 1.3&1.4

(2) Gold plated connectors

(3) Nylon protection layer

(4) Digital transfers at rates up to 10.2Gbps

(5) High purity OFC conductor

(6) UL20276 AWG(1P+D+MY)× 4+5C+1P+AEB

(7) All materials are RoHS complaint

(8) Cable from 36wg to 22AWG, cable OD from 6.0mm to 10.0mm

(9) Conductor: BC, TC< Tin copper>, SC< Silver Copper>

(10) single-stranded or stranded

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