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HDMI Single Extender(120M)IR

HDMI Single Extender(120M)IR

HDMI Single Extender(120M)IR 1. Support HDMI signal transmission of a single cable 120M; 2. No need to set, plug and play; 3. Support HDMI1.3, HDCP1.2; 4. Support 3D, 1080P resolution; 5. Support Blu-ray DVD, SONY / PS4 / Xbox / Apple TV; 6. Support input and output resolution: 480i / p, 567p,...

Detailed description

HDMI Single Extender(120M)IR

* 1080P/25/30HZ HDMI signal reaches 328ft (100M)

*Support HDMI 1.3/HDCP1.1 & 1.2

* Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and cascading transmission

* Standard and international 802.3 Ethernet standard.

* Support for infrared expansion, you can use an infrared remote control at the receiving station to control the set-top box or Blu-ray at the transmitter.

* Embed TVS multi-level lightning protection

* Pure hardware design, plug and play, no need to install additional software

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