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Eight Categories of Twisted-Pair Cable

Twisted pair cables are generally divided into eight categories:  cat1 to  7.

cat1 line is mainly used for voice transmission.

cat2 due to the transmission line frequency is only 1MHZ, mainly for the old network token.

cat3 cable is mainly used for the 10BASE-T network.

cat4 token types of lines and 10BASE-T / 100BASE-T network.

Actually, the above categories are rarely used in real life. They're replaced completely by the following ones.


cat5 cable transfer rate of 100MHz, a 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T network, it is the most commonly used Ethernet cable; category 5 cable is mainly used for Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps).


cat6 lines transmission frequency is 1MHz ~ 250MHz, suitable for a transmission rate higher than 1Gbps network.


cat7 line is the newest class of a unshielded twisted pair transmission frequency up to at least 500 MHz, the transmission rate is 10 Gbps.