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How to Charge Your iphone X or 8?

Iphone X has been available in market for weeks after its eye-catching release in Sep 12nd, 2017. Maybe many people are still confused about the question: How can I charge my new iphone properly? In this article, we’re going to introduce you the appropriate method of charge.



Step 1. The first time you charge your new iphone, you only to charge it fully rather than keeping it charged for up to 8 hours to activate its battery. Because iphone uses the lithium battery. P.S.  you’re strongly recommended to charge your phone when you’re informed that there’s only 10% battery. It’s too late to charge when the battery is completely run out. (The above method can only be applied to the first time you charge)


Step 2. Feel free to charge your iphone at any time, which won’t do any damage to your phone. But you have to make sure that your iphone will be fully charged and discharged at least once a month, which can enlarge your battery capacity efficiently. Attention, it’s not proper for you to charge your phone for a long time(>3.5h) after it’s been fully charged.


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