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Three Major Categories of Network Cable

Usually, there are three main categories of network cable. They’re twisted-pair cable, coaxial cable and optical fiber cable, with network cable as their common name. In this passage, Changzhou Winning is going to make a brief introduction to the three main children of network cable.


Twisted-pair cable can also be classified into UTP(unshielded twisted pair), FTP(foil twisted pair) and SFTP(shielded foil twisted pair).


UTP is unshielded network cable, which is the commonly used cable in the current worldwide wiring system. This kind of cable is especially suitable for the cabling work of office and residence. The material of the cable varies a lot including FeAi, bronze, silver clad copper and copper.

FTP and SFTP are both shielded cables, while they’re different in the ways of shielding. FTP is shielded with an aluminum foil, while SFTP has an aluminum-magnesium braid on the basis of an aluminum foil, which is used to avoid magnetic interference as much as possible. That is, SFTP has the best shielding effect.



Coaxial cable consists of a central copper conductor and layers of insulated wires wrapping the copper conductor. It’s used widely, for instance, in CCTV(closed-circuit TV) , for its good resistance to interference, nice price and perfect stability of transmission.



Optical fiber cable is the most advanced cable currently. But it’s rather more expensive, rarely used in domestic situations. It’s composed of many thin fibers with insulated jackets. Because all the transmission is done by lightwave, it’s famous for excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference, good confidentiality, high speed and large capacity.