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What Is Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6e

Twisted-pair cable, which we also simply call network cable in daily use, can be classified into several categories, for example, cat3, cat4. However, cables of versions under 5 have been eliminated. Cat 5 is also infrequently used. In this passage, we’re going to talk about current popular ones -- Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Cat 6e.


Cat 5, the skin will be marked "CAT5" words, the transmission bandwidth of 100MHz, for voice transmission and a maximum transfer rate of 100Mbps data transmission, mainly used for 10M - 100M network. Cat 5 has been replaced by Cat 5e.


Cat 5e, the sheath marked "CAT5e" words, a transmission bandwidth up to 1000Mb / s, but generally only used in the network 100Mb / s, the only implements desktop switches connection to the computer, because over unshielded cable to means support special equipment costly.


Cat 6, sheath marked "CAT6" words, generally refers to a non-shielded cable, are mainly used in gigabit networks, the transmission performance is much better than cat 5e.


Cat 6e, cable jacket marked "CAT6e" super six cable, also known as 6A, can support Gigabit Internet, the biggest rate can reach 500MHZ, twice of cat 6.


Cat 6e adopts gear-like shape with a groove, as is shown in the pic, which can enhance the signal as well as minimize the signal attenuation at the same time.