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What Is Displayport

What Is Displayport?

DisplayPort is also a high-definition digital display interface standard can be connected to the computer and the monitor can also be connected to a computer and a home theater .574e9258d109b3debd09aae1c6bf6c81810a4c80.jpgIn May 2006, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standard to determine the version 1.0, upgrade to version 1.1 in 2008, it provides HDCP support. Version 1.3 of the total bandwidth to 32.4Gbps (4.05GB / s), respectively assigned four channels 8.1Gbps. DisplayPort won AMD , Intel , NVIDIA support, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Philips, Samsung, aoc and other industry giants, and it is free to use.

The latest standards

Video Electronics Standards Version 1.4




From a performance perspective, the maximum transmission bandwidth DisplayPort 1.1 supports 10.8Gb / S is, HDMI 1.3 standard can support the bandwidth 10.2G / s; In addition, DisplayPort support WQXGA + (2560 × 1600), QXGA (2048 × 1536) and the like Resolution and 30 / 36bit (per primary color 10 / 12bit) color depth, 1920 × 1200 resolution color support to 120 / 24Bit, ultra-high bandwidth and resolution sufficient to fully accommodate the development of display devices.


The total bandwidth to the 32.4Gbps (4.05GB / s), respectively assigned four channels 8.1Gbps, compared to the previous DP 1.2 / 1.2a is increased by 50%, while three times the standard version 1.1.

After remove all redundant, losses, DP 1.3 can provide actual data transfer rate can be as high as 25.92Gbps (3.24GB / S) , able to get only one data line lossless HD video + audio, easily support 5120 × 2880 5K level display device.

DP Multi-Stream by multi-stream, VESA video timing coordination technology, single connector also supports multi-monitor resolution higher, and each can reach 3840 × 2160 4K level .



The DP standard update will undoubtedly inspire upgrade mobile device again, users more usage scenarios will be aroused. DisplayPort1.4 will support 8K resolution of signal transmission, compatible with the USB Type-C interface. The update can be seen from the technical parameters, this eDP 1.4a HBR3 interface provides high-speed channel 4 between the display and a display adapter, the single-channel bandwidth of 8.1Gbps, these channels can be run independently or in pairs use theoretical bandwidth of the channel 4 32.4Gbps, sufficient to support 10-bit color 4K 120Hz output can also support 8K 60Hz output.