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What Is HDMI?

What Is HDMI?


HDMI is (High Definition Multimedia Interface) acronym, meaning that high definition multimedia interface, a digital video /audio interface technology, dedicated digital interfaces for image transmission, can be transmitted while the audio and video signals, the maximum data transmission speed to 48Gbps (2.1 version).


While eliminating the need for D / A or A / D converted signal before transmission. HDMI can be used with broadband digital content protection ( HDCP ), in order to prevent having copyright audio and video content from unauthorized copying.

HDMI has the extra space can be used in audio and video formats in future upgrades.

And because a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal needs less than 0.5GB / s, so HDMI there is a great margin. This allows it to use a cable are respectively connected to a DVD player , the receiver and the PRR .

There’s a table below for your better reference.


PC, TV, DVD, phone


Video and audio line output

Design year

December 2002




HDMI Organization

Technical advantages

HDMI not only to meet the 1080P resolution , but also support DVD Audio and other digital audio formats, supports eight-channel stereo 96kHz or 192kHz digital audio transmission, you can send uncompressed audio signals and video signals. HDMI can be used in set-top boxes , DVD players , personal computers , video games , integrated amplifier, digital audio and television machine. HDMI can transmit audio and video signals.


HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, thus having a HDMI device with "plug and play" feature will automatically "negotiation" between the signal source and the display device, to automatically select the most appropriate video / audio format.

DVI HDMI interface compared with smaller and cable length HDMI / DVI optimal distance does not exceed 8 meters. As long as a HDMI cable, can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, can effectively solve the problem of connecting a home entertainment system behind tangled mess.