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What Is MHL Cable?

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) mobile audio and video standard interface is a standard audio and video interface for portable consumer electronic devices. The MHL uses only one signal cable and can be presented on a HDTV via a standard HDMI input.



1. MHL interface enough mobile video and audio signals simultaneously transmitted to the external display device, do not need to go through any settings, the user is very convenient. And as smart mobile devices become more entertaining and functional, the data they contain is a small computer. As long as the choice of an external monitor, you can easily conduct some simple operation of the application. High-quality digital high-definition video up to 1080p resolution can be transmitted directly.

2. Use a Few Cables: Requires only a 5-pin connector and uses uncompressed HD video and digital audio, charging, and remote operation with a thin, flexible, flexible, and easy-to-carry MHL cable.

3. Using Existing Common Interfaces: MHL technology does not require its own interface, giving manufacturers the flexibility to leverage existing common or private interfaces.


Few devices support it.

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