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What Is RCA?

RCA is a so far the most common type of audio / video terminals.

Basic Informationc9fcc3cec3fdfc0366fb0080d63f8794a4c22603.jpg

Note RCA RCA is not an abbreviation for standard video input interfaces, also known as AV interface. RCA is not specifically what kind of interface design is, both can be used in audio, and can be used in ordinary video signals , but also DVD socket component (YCrCb), except that the number is three. RCA plug was first invented in the RCA (Radio Corporation of America)

Red right channel (or indicates "right" by the letter "R & lt"); the left channel black or white. Sometimes, center and surround channel cable wiring may be conveniently distinguish between labeled with other colors, but the whole system of all RCA connector on the electrical properties are the same. In general, RCA stereo audio lines are a set of left and right channels, each channel is a line appearance.

Usually paired white and yellow audio interface video interface. Usually the RCA (commonly known as RCA) connection, with only need to use the standard RCA AV cable connected to the respective interfaces.


RCA is the acronym for Radio Corporation of American, because by the company RCA connectors invention.

RCA connector is by far the most common type of audio / video terminals

In mainland China, it is known as RCA connectors in Taiwan, said Plum, also known as AV terminal, also known as AV interface, almost all televisions, video machines products have this interface. It is not specifically what kind of interface design is.

Signal transmission:

RCA terminal coaxial transmission signal mode, the signal used to transmit the central axis, the outer edge of the circle of the contact layer to the ground, can be used to transmit digital audio signal and an analog video signal. Usually RCA audio terminal pairs marked in different colors: red for the right channel.

Composite analog video composite analog video

Integrated Composite: Yellow Yellow

Analogaudio analog audio

Left / Mono Left / Mono: White White8718367adab44aed18b85cdcb11c8701a18bfb10.jpg

Right Right: Red Red

Center Center: Green Green

Left Surround Left Surround: Blue Blue

Rightsurround Right Surround: Gray Gray

Leftback surround left back surround: Brown Brown

Rightback surround rear right Surround: Tan brown

Subwoofer Subwoofer: Purple Purple

Digitalaudio Digital Audio

S / PDIF: Orange Orange

Video Componentanalog ( YPbPr ) chrominance analog component video


Y: Brightness

Pb: blue minus luminance

Pr: red minus luminancec9fcc3cec3fdfc0366fb0080d63f8794a4c22603.jpg

Componentanalog video / VGA (RGB / HV) analog component video / VGA (RGB / HV)

R Red: Red Red

Green G: Green Green

B Blue: Blue Blue

H (horizontal synchronous) / S (composite sync): Yellow Yellow

V (vertical synchronization): White White

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