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What Is the Difference between VGA, DVI, HDMI

What Is the Difference between VGA, DVI, HDMI

HD TV at home is more and more common, and these are mostly high-definition TV with a VGA, DVI, HDMI interface. Laptop screen is too small, the office most of the people want an external monitor. So understand the difference between these three video signal interface is prerequisite to choose the right display.

Method / Step

  1. Advance instructions under: three interface of the adapter difference exists pin male and female pins, should pay attention to when buying adapter cable is needed is a male or female needle needles.


  2. VGA connector: pin number is a video interface 15, primarily for older computer output. VGA output is an analog signal and transmitted. We all know that computer-generated graphics of a digital signal, the display is also used in digital signal. Therefore, using the VGA video interface equivalent experienced a first digital to analog conversion and analog to digital conversion. Signal loss, the display is more blurred.

  3. DVI Interface: DVI interface has two standard 25-pin and 29-pin, as shown in FIG. Intuitively, there is no difference between the two interfaces. DVI interface is a digital signal transmission, the transmission can be a large resolution video signal. DVI conversion occurs without connecting a computer graphics card and monitor, so there is no loss of signal.

  4. HDMI interface: HDMI interface transmitting digital signals is also, so the video quality and effect achieved DVI interface transfer substantially the same. HDMI interface can also transmit audio signals. If the display in addition to a display function, but also with audio, HDMI interface computer may be simultaneously transmitted audio and video signals to the display. HDMI has three interfaces. The main account of the needs of the device. Such as small volume of digital cameras, require small interface, use micro HDMI. Three interfaces differ only in size, the same function.


VGA, DVI, HDMI conversion Description

  1. VGA and DVI system conversion: conversion, video signal loss analog and digital signals, resulting in distortion. So best not to convert.

  2. 2 DVI and HDMI conversion is a digital signal, conversion does not occur is true. It can be converted. However, the audio signal is automatically discarded when converting from HDMI to DVI.