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Analysis Of Weak Cable Jacketing Materials

When as a result of wiring problems misfire when patchcord skin burn will pop out black smoke, and it's very smelly, as the smell to it know it is harmful to the body. In society, structured cabling industry for wire and cable jacketing materials has been a great deal of controversy, toxic, fire-retardant on the cable jacket and high-fire research never stops. Integrated wiring experts, large user groups or even in different parts of the body are divided on this issue. As the development of integrated data, voice and image as a whole, Internet broadband, integration of the coming of the information age, cabling has been integrated into everyone's life, accurate understanding of elements and characteristics of optical fiber cable line, future Internet development and application in life are very key.

According to fiber jumper manufacturers VCOM engineer analysis, domestic fiber optic lines are now all contain halogens. Many fires some of the news reports because power use for too long due to overheating of the wires. Without light halogen cables is very low, the probability of fire is even greater, the spontaneous combustion of halogen free insulation for wire and cable has a very good effect. However, if the cable already in the scene of the fire, its come to life because of spontaneous combustion and smoke emissions from poisoning. Speak to you, the above situation has been in use in cable jacketing used halogen cabling areas of concern.