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Apple Admits It Does Slow Down Iphone As It Gets Order

Apple acknowledged that some models of the iPhone will be deliberately slowed down over time, which confirms the suspicion of many iPhone users. Many users have long suspected that Apple encourage users to upgrade for slowing down old iphones.


However, Apple Company claims it hopes to extend life expectancy of users’ iphones. What happens?

Apple answers that the adjustment of iOS is to adapt to the aging of the phone inside the lithium-ion battery. The battery will be worn over time. When lithium-ion batteries are frozen, low-powered, or aged over time, they can gradually fail to provide the highest current load, which can cause the machine to stop unpredictably to protect its internal electronics.


“Last year, when we launched iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, to ease the current burst limit, we added this feature, which is used only when needed, to prevent the machine from suddenly stopping under these conditions. We also extend this feature to iPhone 7 using iOS 11.2, and we plan to add this feature to other products in the future. Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers.” Said Apple.


But what Apple has done are all in the dark. Should Apple tell its users? We think it absolutely should. People spend money on the phone is based on the performance of the phone itself. If you decelerate your phone over time, you should explain exactly what happened and it is about the consumer's interest so they should know what’s going on, although Apple’s measure indeed alleviate the degradation of iphone’s battery.