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Details The Structure Of The Computer Network Wiring System

Now is the era of Internrt, network applications, such as virtual universities, virtual communities, virtual communities, e-commerce, e-Government, VOD system and so on, have had a significant impact on peoples lives, in our work in the industry have become an indispensable platform, integrated distribution industry is also ushered in the age of big data.

"The definition"

Computer network is a product of the combination of computer and communications technology, which are spread out geographically with independent function on more than one computer terminal and associated equipment communication equipment and communication lines connected.

"Computer network wiring system"

Computer networks are very complex, communicating between computers involves many complex technical issues. Network, communicate with the computer must be a high degree of coordination, and this coordination is quite complex. In order to reduce the complexity of network design, network level, complex problem slicing.