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Fiber Optic Transceiver Optical Transceiver Application Of Difference


Now all-optical network and communications security monitoring is usually say that rapid development of the industry, but a lot of people for our fiber optic wire and cable wholesalers VCOM fibre based of knowledge or a lack of understanding. Fot the difference between optical and many people will be confused.

Fiber optic transceiver is a signal converter device in a network, fiber optic transceivers is that we want to convert electrical signals into optical signals that are sent, and sends out, meanwhile, can receive the light signal into an electrical signal, input to the receiver. Optical communication of optical transceiver is an extended data transmission equipment, optical transmission can achieve the purpose of remote transmission.

In the use of the words, not fiber optic transceiver for twin use. However, double optical transmitter and receiver to use, one transmitter, one is first received, its role is to receive light from the fibre signals and light signals are converted back to analog signals to monitors. And optical signal flow line repair and maintenance.

Their distinction lies in their function and use, if at the time of purchase does not know appearance details for the purpose of service personnel who will help you make a choice.