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Five Main Advantages Of Chinese Manufacture In The Electronic Industry

Nowadays,China has been the factory of the world for several decades. Although many countries‘  comprehensive national strengths and productivity have promoted sharply,  China still remains the main force in the world’s manufacture. The electronic industry, which we, Changzhou Winning are engaged in, is the epitome of the whole Chinese manufacture. We’re going to list five main reasons or advantages we have for your reference.



First of all, we’re proud that we, Changzhou Winning Electronics Co.,Ltd

 have almost the most industrious workers in the world. Chinese people have always been well-known for their industry and perseverance and workers of our area, Changzhou, Jiangsu are not the exceptions. Compared with manufacturing workers in India, this advantage is very outstanding. The McKinsey report states that "the average productivity of manufacturing workers in India is only one-fifth of that of their counterparts in China." The report shows that Indian factories are lagging both in terms of automation equipment utilization, capacity utilization, supply chain and quality control behind China counterparts.



With the substantial support from our government, we‘re blessed with more preponderances. Since the reform and opening began from the last century, 1978, China is developing rapidly. Along with the incredible development, the whole country’s infrastructure has been enhanced simultaneously, which is necessary for our electronic industry. Especially in the south-east part where Changzhou Winning Electronics Co.,Ltd lies, it’s extremely convenient for us to travel,as well as transform wares. The principal ports of the world, such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong are all within our 12 hours’ approach by land transportation.


When is comes to professional equipment, we have more confidence. For example, Changzhou Winning Electronics is a technical and medium-scale electronic factory rather than a tiny workshop based on family. Equipped with a series of production lines for electronic products, we have an absolute advantage over those workshops which are still very popular in the surrounding countries.


We have been engaged in the electronic industry for more than 20 years, witnessing the development of this industry in China. Rich experience has endowed us the ability to lower the cost and improve quality at the same time. We, Changzhou Winning Electronics, have a special department for quality testing so that our guest can enjoy the advantageous price, with no worries about quality.


In recent years, China begins to upgrade its business mode. Changzhou Winning Electronics follows the trend in time. We not only provide our guests with the best price and quality we can offer, but also give more professional suggestions to our guests, which can help our guests more. If you have any problems concerned with electronic products, feel free to make a query to us.


We hope that you can learn more about Chinese manufacture with this article and welcome to visit our company homepage: to find more about Chinese manufacture and our electronic products.