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Foreign Festivals In China

Nowadays, Western festival like Christmas has been getting extremely popular in China while the traditional Chinese festivals are more and more deserted compared with them. Especially in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, when it comes to festivals around the year, some of citizens have more affection for foreign than the traditional ones which are thought “boring, monotonous, calm and old”. The advent of such an amazing phenomenon has its own reasons:


1. The development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards. More and more Chinese people celebrate Christmas, which is a symbol of the country's economic development and improvement of living standards. The more developed the economy, the higher the income of the residents, the stronger the material basis of the inhabitants, the stronger the pursuit of leisure, and the more holidays and festivals.

2. The deepening of the cultural exchange between China and the West and the role of a strong western economy China's opening up to an increasing degree, a large number of European and American multinationals into China, a large number of Westerners to work and travel in China, many of the West's traditional habits have also been more For a wide range of bring and have far-reaching impact. Christmas is increasingly prevalent in China and the economy is also an important factor. In a country like China that has no Christian tradition at all, Christmas is so popular that the relative economic and cultural strengths of the West play a subtle role. The history of the rise of Christmas in Japan, South Korea and Singapore is much longer than that of China, mainly because of the proliferation and spread of cultures in more economically developed countries and regions.


3, urban residents, especially young people formed a special positioning for Christmas Spring Festival is the Chinese people used to relive their family time, about the reunion; eleven five one is a luxury break, residents only want to travel family , Or simply recuperate and lazy to rest and recuperate. For the Christmas festival, urban residents in China, especially young people, have blurred their original meaning and have turned it into a feast of party craziness and happiness. If, from the perspective of folklore, China's traditional festivals are more focused on reunification, it is a burden to many young people, whereas most Western festivals are carnival-themed more like Christmas of. For young people who advocate personality and pursue fashion, foreign festivals are more capable of publicizing a free mood. In other words, young people have a rare festival.

4, businesses and the media to promote the propaganda Businesses and the media from all aspects of the propaganda offensive led the general public fantasy and desire for the festival, resulting in a magnificent Christmas army. As the current National Day Golden Week, the public may not have to go out and travel, but when the environment provides such a viable condition, when the media and businesses make such a "beautiful" trap, the public would have to Jump inside. Of course, let more people jump the trap no harm, this is also a holiday economy.

5, the main body of the Christmas consumption is a survey of young people found that 70% of Christmas people are under 38 years of age, and 45% of them have the same The economic strength. Students and some of the more open and directly related to the brain-related industries practitioners are the main payers of Christmas. Students are able to quickly accept new things. Some of the more open and direct-related industries, such as the Internet, business, education, etc., have easy access to new foreign things. Those who work in these industries are naturally brought into employment Christmas Eve, which highlighted the white-collar foreign-funded enterprises.

6, developed and open city is a concentrated area of Christmas spending Whether a city Christmas, how Christmas, which is closely related to the city's cultural composition, economic development, openness. Christmas, in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, a well-developed and open city, has become a festive festival for the common people all over the world. However, the lively atmosphere of Christmas Eve in some mainland cities in northwest China is very thin. In particular, some economically underdeveloped small and medium-sized cities, Christmas is absurd. To town, rural areas, Christmas even more no trace of it.

7, Christmas entertainment spending time focused on Christmas Eve Because there is no holiday, so the celebration of 100% are gathered at night, busy day students, white-collar workers, these active in the forefront of fashion are taking advantage of this opportunity to relax a Put Because Christmas is also "the second Valentine's Day", so the students in colleges and universities are most keen to this, especially those couples who love, will choose to gather in the Christmas Eve carnival. Also, because there is no holiday, there is absolutely no meaning of family reunion at Christmas. Christmas also ends on Christmas Eve.


8, Christmas entertainment consumption emphasizes its unique sentiment A recent survey shows that China's favorite Christmas young people on the grounds that "because of romance," "is a happy excuse" and so on, in fact, they like the Christmas A special kind of mood. According to the Xinhua News Agency, almost all western restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Guangzhou City are overcrowded on Christmas Eve in 2002. According to statistics, 70% of Shanghai's young people aged 14-30 choose to go out on Christmas Eve, eat crazy carnival, of which 90% will choose, such as JJ, New Yorker can accommodate thousands of large disco, Go to the masquerade all-night, exuberant energies. 88.3% of couples to go to the restaurant to enjoy a romantic Western food. Young people yearned for in the festive atmosphere, feel they are longing for another way of life, another kind of cultural atmosphere. 5, Christmas gifts are indispensable Gift exchange gifts at Christmas, very humane, is also a good promotion of interpersonal relationships, so Christmas gifts are considered by young people is indispensable. For Christmas cards, e-cards are taking a strong hit with traditional greeting cards.