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Monitoring Line Monitoring Control Not Working Solution

When the monitor does not control or control when, not only affect the monitor, may also affect the monitoring of important information. This happens for various reasons, is the most important line identify specific reasons.

First of all, we have to look at the decoder, the power is in the normal operation of the decoder, power LEDs are displayed.

Second, check the control cables for a wrong time correction。

Third, the control lights are flashing.

Finally, the address of the decoder settings are not correct, does choosing the right baud rate agreement. If this is not correct, correct. (Note the codec manufacturer needs to separated or staggered settings, the decoder address is "1", and Center the keyboard or software should be set to "2")

Finally, if used and even ways to use video, when a control point has a problem when all control points have problems can result. At this time, since there are problems of control signal lines or add multiple controlled road.

VI, carefully check the control signal cable is too long, and controlling the driving force is insufficient. If there is a problem, to replace the control module.