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Say Some Features Of Network Cabling

Network integrated wiring can put voice and data, are can through unified of planning and design to achieved overall of, such for Office of various function are is very of convenient and shortcut of, this system by can application of range is many of, like is it can application in some large community of integrated wiring in the, also can application in Office network integrated of wiring in the and so on, are can play out due of role, following let we to common of understand about this type of wiring products of some features.

First of all, for the network cabling has the characteristics of the material, it tends to be used in the process of a number of high-purity oxygen-free copper, this material can be shown very well in an anti-oxidizing effect, for data transmission, will also play a more stable performance advantages.

Secondly, there is also some tinned copper braid for shielding of some information, this material the shielding density can reach more than 80%, this can also play very good to reduce transmission losses, there is also some information on the outside of a shielding effect of interference have very good.

These is network integrated wiring of products in the by used of some quality of material, in whole of system layout in the this quality of material is up to is important of role of, through these products of common of installation to completed for Office the function of a reflected, let this system in we of work in the brings is big of returns, also let this system for whole of Office function up to has better of intelligent of, let we of all sector of work became more of smooth.