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USB 2.0 AF/AF Adaptor

USB 2.0 AF/AF Adaptor

USB 2.0 AF/AF Adaptor Description: 1)Connector can be Gold/Nickel Plated. 2)We allow our customers to costomise the coloration of the product. 3)Excellently compliant with CE,ROHS.

Detailed description

USB 2.0 AF/AF Adaptor

Used in digital products and computer peripherals, support hot swap, plug and play;

Small size, easy to carry;

Quick and easy to convert USB interface type;

The same 2.0 transmission speed;

Plug and play, charging speed is 80% higher than USB2.0, and more power saving.

The structure is confidential and the plug and the wire body are seamlessly pressed together.

Elastic PVC jacket: flexible and not easy to break, durable.

The design is small and suitable for carrying in a small space or with you.


1. Product application: used to connect the data port of mobile phone, MP3, mp4 to the computer, or the size port conversion of the mobile phone, etc., if other interfaces are satisfied.

2. Use: Connect digital products such as mobile computers for data transmission, charging and other operations.

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