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USB 2.0 AF/Micro Male Adaptor

USB 2.0 AF/Micro Male Adaptor

USB 2.0 AF/Micro Male Adaptor Description: 1)Connector can be Gold/Nickel Plated. 2)We allow our customers to costomise the coloration of the product. 3)Excellently compliant with CE,ROHS.

Detailed description

USB 2.0 AF/Micro Male Adaptor

1) USB T-type port to USB mother (can be connected to U disk) (available models such as: logo 307, Chery A3, Emgrand EC7).

2) It can be connected to the USB mini A/B socket on the Handycam body and connected to the external hard disk for carrying and use.

The great video files you can shoot with Handycam can be easily saved to an external hard drive without using a computer. And you can play the movie on the TV with the hard drive by connecting the Handycam while watching.

Applicable to 2010Handycam models: HDR-XR550 / XR350 / XR150 / CX550 / CX350 / CX150; DCR-SR68, PJ10E, CX700, etc.

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