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USB 2.0 AM/Micro Female Adaptor

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Female Adaptor

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Female Adaptor Description: 1)Connector can be Gold/Nickel Plated. 2)We allow our customers to costomise the coloration of the product. 3)Excellently compliant with CE,ROHS.

Detailed description

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Female Adaptor


USB2.0 male to female adapter ( AM to Micro Female)

Elastic PVC jacket, machine pressed, one-piece, durable

Standard process:

Plastic + alloy + copper material, all copper inserts, inner film, copper foil, outer film, to ensure that the transmission effect will not be disturbed and attenuated due to the adapter

Fine workmanship, material quality assurance, stable transmission, strong anti-interference

USB transfer, extension, lightweight and compact, making it easy to be everywhere


Applicable to common radiator power supply, car MP3, use the same (one head is USB male, one head is USB female AM-AF) cable; can be easily connected with computers and other devices for data communication, File transfer, etc., can also be connected to the mother to parent data cable, which is convenient and saves.

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