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USB 2.0 AM/Micro Male Adaptor

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Male Adaptor

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Male Adaptor Description: 1)Connector can be Gold/Nickel Plated. 2)We allow our customers to costomise the coloration of the product. 3)Excellently compliant with CE,ROHS.

Detailed description

USB 2.0 AM/Micro Male Adaptor

Applications: All devices that use the MicroUSB interface charge and transmit data, such as: mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, Bluetooth audio, etc.

Color: black

Production process: high quality PVC rubber injection molding


▲Elastic PVC jacket, machine pressed, one-piece, durable

▲Plastic + alloy + copper material, all copper inserts, inner film, copper foil, outer film, to ensure that the transmission effect will not be disturbed and attenuated due to the adapter

▲Fine workmanship, material quality assurance, stable transmission, strong anti-interference

▲USB transfer and extension, lightweight and compact, making it easy to be everywhere

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