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USB 2.0 to Type C Data Cable

USB 2.0 to Type C Data Cable

Product Description: 1)USB 2.0 To Type C Data Cable can be described as one of the best-sellers of the global cable market. 2) Since we're now running a factory of a medium scale, we can provide you with the high-quality products of the reasonable prices you want. 3) For more details, see below please.

Detailed description

Colours(can be costomised):

As is shown below, there're several colours for this kind of product(including the above one), which you can choose from freely. Also, you can customise this product of other colours as you wish.


Product Description:


1.10Gbps super speed, twice than USB3.0;

2.Most durability: 10000 times repeated plug;

3.Both sides can be inserted into the support the "positive and negativeinserted" function .

4.Backward compatible with USB3.0/USB2.0/USB1.1

5.The maximum data transfer rate up to 10GBit/s, USB3.1 standard;

6.USB power delivery 100W, 20V/5A



Product advantage:


1.A single powerful interface can also support data, audio and video, power.

2.(10G/S) / power (3~5A) / power (~100W) index improved significantly;

3.Can realize reversible plug and exchange interface;

4.Robust EMI performance;

5.Downward compatible with USB2.0\3.0\USB PD, although the interface is different but by switching to achieve.

6.The miniaturization of support (only large slightly more than Micro USB) high speed bidirectional data transmission, two channels at the same time can support 20G/S


****Comparison of USB 2.0/3.0/3.1****

1.USB 2.0: 4.8MBit/s

2.USB3.0: 5GBit/s


4.USB3.1 transfer speed will be much faster than USB2.0 and USB3.0

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