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USB3.1 Type C to DVI Adpter(METAL SHELL)

USB3.1 Type C to DVI Adpter(METAL SHELL)

Product Description: 1.10Gbps super speed, twice than USB3.0; 2.Most durability: 10000 times repeated plug; 3.Both sides can be inserted into the support the "positive and negativeinserted" function . 4.Backward compatible with USB3.0/USB2.0/USB1.1 5.The maximum data transfer rate up...

Detailed description

Product Description:

1. Input interface: using the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface

2.USB3.1 Type-C interface is about 8.25*2.4mm

3.USB3.1 Type-C interface contains 24pin terminals, supporting forward and reverse insertion and removal

4. Data transfer rate can reach USB 3.1 10Gbps

5. Ultra-thin design, mini size

6. Output interface: External HD HDMI device such as: monitor projector TV with HD device

7. Aluminum alloy case protects the conversion chip, metal body, and brings heat dissipation, suitable for long-term work

8. New copper wire, PVC material, easy to bend

9. Connect to USB3.1 Type-C interface, decode to DVI signal through converter, video synchronous transmission

10. As a conductor for data transmission, we use a thick tinned copper core with an aluminum foil shield on the outside.

(widely used in Google / Apple notebook Macbook Air 12-inch USB3.1 output external HD DVI set

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